Your clones earn you ringing coins. To protect your account and game values, it is recommended that you fill out personal information. This can be done at any time, take your time. Personal data includes:

  • Email address.
  • Full name.
  • Gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Phone number.
  • Address, zip code, city.

Warning. For security reasons, you can only enter your date of birth and full name once. To change or delete previously entered personal information, you should contact support. Please note, if you change your email address in your account settings, the email confirmation procedure will need to be repeated.

Very important! If you have only 1 roamer on your account, then the life of such an account is limited:

  • 365 days if email is confirmed and personal data is entered.
  • 90 days if you have not confirmed the e-mail.
  • 90 days if you do not visit the account.

Warning. If your hobo is not the only clone on your account, some features (buying a caftan and working as a laborer, getting tasks at the Meat Factory and building houses, building a dugout and growing flowers, getting help in a shelter) will not be available to him. After the promotion he will be able to get a job in any enterprise and do his own business according to his status and characteristics.

Warning. If you have other status clones in your account, the lifetime of the tramp is unlimited.

The helper window can be left open, it will not disturb you. Me, the state helper is easy to find - on the simulation page, under the character avatar, click the link "First Steps of the Tramp.

First of all, I recommend that you take the Jungian Test, also called the key to the unconscious. It will become clear to you what your inner unconscious self thinks about... After the tests, come back to me. The test is not mandatory, it is made for general development.

Status options

Accessible activities:

  • Participation in the Partner Program of the game. Read more
  • Get a part-time job at one of the state enterprises - Sawmill, Quarry, Rudnik or Mill. Read more
  • Get a job as a maid and a construction worker. Read more
  • Get a job as a slaughterer. Read more
  • Build a dugout. Read more
  • Get free flower seeds at the State Farm. Read more
  • Growing flowers. Read more
  • Sell flowers at the Fair. Read more
  • Top up your account and exchange cloncoins for gold coins on the Currency Exchange. Read more
  • Purchase used items at the Flea Market. Read more
  • Receive a daily subsidy in a night shelter.
  • Communicate in chat and by in-game mail, and get advice from your Mentor.
  • Participate in contests on the forum.

Unavailable Activity:

  • Exchange gold coins for cloncoins on the Currency Exchange and withdraw the cloncoins.
  • Participate in trading activities (except selling flowers at the Fair and buying food at the Trade Guild).
  • Do your own business (other than growing flowers).


In the "Jobs" section, a vagabond will find a job. It won't be highly paid, however, the clone will work for you while you sleep!

One clone can simultaneously combine (manage) to perform different types of work - "Servant", "Butcher", "Utility worker". Additionally, a clone can work for one of the state enterprises.

Nochlezhka - here, too, you can get a job, a roof over your head and even a social subsidy from the charity fund.

State Newspaper - Here, you can write your own articles, which will be published and read by the entire clone world. Fees are high here, for a good article the fee can be 5, 10 or more gold coins. When you become a higher status and more experienced, you're welcome to join the ranks of reporters! One good article you can pay off the cost of training a clone to become a craftsman, three articles to become a peasant, etc.

All financial transactions are displayed on your game account.

All of the clone's jobs are noted in the clone's employment book.

The higher the social status of the clone, the higher-paying jobs, positions, ranks and income await him.

Perhaps you are one of the future emperors. It doesn't matter when you became one, ten years ago or now. The rapid development of this meta-universe is just beginning.

Here, it is possible to create a passive income! Gold coins can come into your account daily from the profitable enterprises you have built. If this way is closer to you - buy coins and act without delay.

Change of any character characteristics - recorded in the characteristics log, you can always view and analyze everything on the page of the character.

Your clone can receive three types of assignments - for the servant, for the slaughterer and for the builder.

Table. Jobs for vagrants

Parameter/Task typeFor the ServantsFor the Slaughterman.For the Builder
Your employerInhabitants of the Land of ClonesMeat factoryInhabitants of the Land of Clones
It is necessary to have-1 knowledge of the butcher10 experiences
Lead time60 minutes15 minutes60 minutes
SalaryEstablished by the employer0.0001 goldEstablished by the employer
Source of paymentThe owner of the built housePlayers who turn in animals to the Meat FactoryThe owner of the house under construction
Can be combined with other types of tasks+++
Can be combined with work at state enterprises+--
Maximum number of jobsUnlimited1000Unlimited
The way to get jobsAutomaticallyManuallyAutomatically

Currency of the virtual world

Like any state, the Clone World has its own currency, the "gold coin".

Gold coins are used to make all payments within the virtual world (salaries, dividends, subsidies and other payments).

You have access to the services of other players, where you can exchange game currency.

The world of clones does not stop its development for a minute, billions of operations are processed by servers every day.

The Clone World community discusses innovations, creates new modules and blocks of the simulator, and developers implement all the interesting ideas of the community. Be in the middle of the action.

Help from a Mentor

A mentor can help with development. A mentor is a more experienced and seasoned participant. He will help you understand the capabilities of the business simulator, give advice and answer questions.

You can choose a mentor at the Embassy. It is also possible to change mentors, but be sure to read the rules.

By learning from a mentor, the clone acquires additional characteristics - experience or intention. For example, after successfully obtaining artisan status, a clone will be credited with 500 experience units! The tutor becomes a wiser teacher by providing further assistance, and will also receive 4 units of experience for this. To get your bonuses, enter the name of your mentor at the University before you begin your general education.

If the roamer communicates with the selected mentor via internal mail, then the limit of sending 1 letter per hour is removed - the roamer can communicate with his mentor without restrictions. Craftsman status and above automatically removes any such restrictions.

A tramp's mentor can be a clone of any status, from artisan to emperor. Of course, the emperor is probably the best mentor!

First business of my own

A vagabond is available to grow flowers!

Flowers are in demand in the virtual world. The inhabitants of the Clone Earth attach them to letters to express their sympathy or gratitude. In addition, flowers are used by the administration in congratulations. Therefore, there are also wholesalers from higher social classes who buy up flowers with the goal of future resale at a better price.

Flowers are grown in the yard. The hobo needs to build a house-earth house - a very modest structure, so the hobo builds it by his own efforts, without spending a single coin.

Flower seeds are given to the hobo for free at the state farm.

Vagabonds sell the grown flowers for gold coins at the Fair. This is another item of the vagabond's income.


Residents of the privileged social class "Baron" and above can bring forward their own bills and put them up for debate and vote in Parliament! Just imagine - in the case of a positive result of the general vote for the bill - it enters into force, and the entire virtual world, without exception, begins to live under the new provisions!

Thus, the builders of this virtual world are its inhabitants - the clone world community! Perhaps it is you who has the abilities of a supreme ruler, and it is your ideas and bills that can change the life of an entire state for the better. And maybe even dramatically!

Vagrants are not only considered poor, but also severely handicapped. Residents of the state believe that vagrants are unable to offer anything good because of their poor knowledge of the virtual world, so they are not allowed to participate in the vote for any bill submitted to Parliament.

Outlaws, guards, and tournaments

Do you like risk and easy money? Once you become a craftsman, the doors of the criminal world will open for you. Arm yourself to the teeth or test your fate with your bare hands. You can rob wealthy homes - all on your own choice, the payoff can be very solid! Be careful, though - if you get caught, you could be subjected to vile torture in the basement. If you've become a reputable thug, of course you can try to pay it off…

Tournaments will not only help to improve your fighting skills, but will bring a ringing gold for prizes, fame will not be superfluous too…!

Are you against crime? Then you can get a job as a guard in a house or join a settlement team (manor, village, city, metropolis). Participate in the search for treasure, repulse the attacks of robbers. Or maybe you'll choose a career as a professional soldier and stand in defense of the principality.

Jumble market

More often look at the flea market - there you can get quite decent things for cheap or even free. The flea market is an amazing place, where you can find everything from a crumbling hammer to a majestic warship, overgrown with moss, but which may well be good for one or two military campaigns. Most of the items you get there can be used in the next stages of your development.

Trading exchanges

The Wanderer can purchase gold coins at the Currency Exchange and food items at the Clone Land Commodity Exchange. When a clone acquires the status of an artisan, he can purchase all kinds of resources on the Commodity Exchange and Fair, securities on the Stock Exchange, and trade gold coins on the Currency Exchange.

Most of the securities of our state give daily dividends, which can be a good source of passive income.

As soon as the clone moves into the next social stratum, the "peasant," he will be able to participate in trading on the exchanges not only as a buyer, but also as a seller. You can try out different trading strategies and perhaps with time you can influence the market of an entire state with your big trading deals.

In the world of clones there are stockbrokers, and often on the trading floors they make real economic wars. Their game is very interesting to watch, sometimes the daily profits of a merchant can be comparable to the average monthly salary in the real world!


Register on the forum - there you can find interesting people, friends and business partners, to participate in competitions with cash prizes and just chat with like-minded people. For many participants, this project has become a second home, and they are all happy to help you understand the rules - both on the forum and in the game chat (room "Chat help"). For professional help, you can always go to

Vagabond is the very first, introductory social status of a clone. The lifetime of the only clone in the account - is 1 year, but if the owner of such a clone - did not visit it within 90 days or did not confirm the e-mail in the account settings, then the clone gets to the auction Rogue (deleted). If you have other status clones in your account, the life time of the Tramp in this case is also 90 days.

A vagabond, unlike clones of other statuses, does not need stamina when working and completing tasks. But he can use stamina (from the Refectory) to speed up his education in the State School. To obtain stamina, you must purchase food from the Merchant's Guild and then serve it in the Refectory.

If you confirmed your Email address and filled in personal data, but within 1 year from the date of registration you have not upgraded your first clone, the account is completely deleted without possibility of recovery. If you have accumulated 6 or more gold coins on your game account during this time, you need to get the status of a craftsman. Otherwise, the opportunities of such an affluent vagabond would be limited:

  • You can't get help at a night shelter.
  • You can't take maid's errands or construction jobs.
  • You cannot get flower seeds from the State Farm.

By acquiring the next artisan status, the clone becomes immortal, and no restrictions are imposed on it.