To obtain merchant status, a burgher must acquire membership in the Merchant Guild. The cost of entry is 150 gold coins.

Greetings and congratulations, dear friend! Just imagine, just over 0.2% of the entire population of Clone Earth is merchantry.

Membership in a merchant's guild is the image of a large merchant and the reliability of a strong word. Merchants from small to large are happy to do business with you. Your sales advice is listened to.

The Merchant Guild is the elite who lead the trade on the trading floors of the virtual world. These are the main wholesalers of the state, with whom even the emperors negotiate before beginning the construction of certain structures.

Status options

Employment Opportunities:

  • Assistant Manager, Shipyard Manager (special conditions of employment). Read more
  • The Corps Manager at the Asylum. Read more
  • Manager in the Jewelry Workshop. Read more
  • Manager at the Cutting Factory. Read more
  • Manager at the Fair. Read more
  • Manager in the Trade Guild. Read more
  • Collegiate assessor in the Chancellery. Read more

My own business:

  • Cultivating crops and working 20 acres of land. Read more
  • Cattle housing, maximum 40 animals. Read more
  • Keeping pigs, a maximum of 40 animals. Read more
  • Buying a hunting ticket for wild boar. Read more
  • Ownership of pleasure or cruise ships. Read more
  • Opening of jewelry production. Read more
  • Ownership of the city. Read more

Kings of the Trade Guild

A wise merchant is one who has a storehouse full of various goods, who can supply the right goods to the counters in time.

This half of the year there is a shortage of food, and it is at a price, and next half of the year there is a need for quality building material or forage crops.

In order to skillfully seize the moment and make a profit from trade, a competent merchant tries to have a stock of certain goods and deliver them to the market in time.

In addition to timely deliveries, the merchant always keeps an eye on the appearance of goods at bargain low prices and skillfully uses the system of placing orders, buys such goods and stores them in his storehouse.

A merchant with a large supply of the resource can use it rationally in the construction and development of his settlement or principality.

If you don't have enough of your own resource, you have to buy it from a commodity exchange. You can buy in different ways, you can buy aggressively in large volumes, creating panic and an increase in the price of this resource. You can buy slowly, in small batches, unnoticed by the market, keeping the price at the same level. All these tricks the merchant wisely uses in his strategic development goals.

Similarly, you can put goods on the market in large batches, knocking the price down to the minimum, or you can put goods on the market in small batches that the market needs to maintain the current price.

Currency exchange

Merchants gladly use their knowledge and trading skills in their work on the currency exchange. By analyzing the time intervals and fluctuations in the rate of game currency, they skillfully find the very "bargain price", waiting for the right moment and buy impressive amounts.

When the moment is right, they make profitable sales. Due to the large volumes, the trader can make larger profits. Profitable acquired gold merchant can always be used to expand production, the purchase of goods or set aside for the future patronage of the development of public institutions or to help his master in the real world.


If a merchant is marked by the State Chancellery as a patron of the arts, he is transferred to the privileged class of "Baron". This is the next step on the road to the emperor's throne. But in order to be an emperor, one not only has to go through all the social estates. It is necessary to have a powerful principality and a megalopolis.

Therefore, along with the way you step confidently, moving from one class to another, becoming wealthier and richer, it is necessary to concentrate power in your hands…

I hope that when I see you Baron, you will already be a respected prince with a good squadron and a powerful fleet.

I wish you an interesting and great trade, a positive experience, and success in construction and minimal downtime!