To receive the status of earl, the baron must make a charitable contribution of 1,500 gold to the State.

Status options

The count who built a principality and developed all its enterprises to level 4 (the university to level 5), built a palace in it and raised a banner, as well as built a settlement of the "megalopolis" level (in any principality) and developed there all the main production enterprises to the maximum level, becomes emperor.

The Count, having all the capabilities of the Baron, in addition, can carry out labor activities:

Employment Opportunities:

My own business:

  • Cultivating crops and working 240 acres of land. Read more
  • Cattle housing, maximum 400 animals. Read more
  • Keeping pigs, a maximum of 400 animals. Read more
  • Opportunity to open a private Bank. Read more
  • Buying a hunting ticket for an elk. Read more