Awareness is tyrants.

"When will it all end?!" - this, or much more profanely, we exclaim, infuriated by something. For example, someone in front of you won't let you pass - what kind of idiot sits behind the wheel there?! Or we're running late, and, as luck would have it, every traffic light we see is red - all on purpose for me! Or the boss at my work is a pig, I constantly have to put up with him, and how I would like to punch his cheeky face!

The theory of tyrants is: they will show up and piss you off every day until you exhaust your powers. Or until you become deliberately prudent and stop reacting to them.

Now in order.

Every time you are outraged, you waste your own precious energy. Remember how much energy you usually drain during any argument, and then continue to drain it for several more days, thinking and worrying about what happened. How does that make you feel? Imagine now, the world population is almost 8 billion people. A person can be rich, but still sow negative thoughts. Think about the enormous flow of negative energy that flows every second. There are different hypotheses as to where this energy flows, but that's not what we're talking about now.

The practice of awareness of tyrants is very simple and effective, and it consists of this…

First, you need to mark in your environment those who resent negative energy in you. It could be anyone - a boss, a scandalous neighbor, a dreary cold morning, the inept driver of the car in front of us, etc. Let's call all these characters "tyrants.

Second, you need to realize that having "tyrants" is free daily mindfulness training. The result of this training is that you will stop getting annoyed and wasting your energy. As long as you do not change your attitude, you will constantly be pestered by old and new irritants. You will not have time for bright thoughts and beautiful dreams. This means that you are in a swamp of negativity from which there is no way out - the more indignant you are, the more you sink. That's not the outcome we're interested in, so let's practice.

  1. Little things like a roadblock, your shoelaces got untied, you spilled your coffee, you slipped and fell, etc., can be categorized as things that are sent your way to stop you a little. So you stopped to tie your shoelaces for 30 seconds, and in the meantime a piece of ice rumbled down from the roof around the corner where you were going. Or in 30 seconds the future love of your life will come out of the house near which you were stopped by chance (the options are endless)… You have to get used to these stops and just love them. The moment you would normally get angry at this unforeseen stop - pull yourself back, remember that you now know why this stop. Now just relax, let the whole world wait for you! Look around you, listen to the sounds around you, stop rushing, the universe is asking you to relax, take a deep breath, smile - you are the center of the earth - her favorite child.

  2. Arrogant arrogant boss who takes advantage of his power, he can take away a bonus or impose a fine. It's so hard with jobs in the world today that you have to endure. But you don't have to be patient. Start treating your boss and everything going on around you as a quest - a game. Study how your boss feels when he or she does certain things. Find the weaknesses of your tyrant, his peculiarities. For example, he is beyond thrilled when he is able to oppress his subordinates and feel absolute power over them... Note that in fact this is his great weakness. Why the weakness? Imagine for a moment what will become of such a man when he suddenly loses his position, and if he also sees those he oppressed laughing and rejoicing at his loss… It doesn't have to be a loss of position, it could be anything. His inflated ego will have great difficulty with this kind of loss. Such a person can hardly cope with the "blows of life. Notice that the so-called "strokes of life" are the same training, but this time personally for him.

We are all coached in this life, and each of us is a kind of teacher to the other with whom we are dealing. But often we do not realize it, we live like robots, automatically reacting to external stimuli and do not think about why this happens.

Back to you again. When something offends you, dig into what it is that offends you and why. What you are clinging to is your weaknesses. For example, this person is easily offended, he has a huge nose, and it is enough just to stop looking at it. He will probably resent it for a long time, engaging in an internal dialogue with himself, poring over and poring over the situation in circles. "And this moron is staring at my nose! Who is he to judge me!?"

A person's EGO (self-importance and importance) is a derivative of self-pity. This is mega-fruitful soil for the cultivation of all forms of negativity. I was insulted or looked at the wrong way. I thought they were implying that I wasn't good enough. Or accidentally pushed in the subway, or maybe threatened with dismissal or deprivation of bonuses! The ego is likely to say, "I'm so good, and I've been treated this way, scoundrels, scoundrels, traitors!"

An effective treatment for this ailment is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. It's not easy, because all our lives we've been living and feeling sorry for ourselves. Habits are formed, and changing or giving up habits is the hardest part.

First, remember, you are not a poor caterpillar, you are a mighty and inert member of your kind. This topic was covered in the preparation of the clone for the status of "peasant. Don't forget that fact, your strength and your capabilities!

Second, start using your tyrants for your own training - look for their weaknesses, play on their weaknesses, hone your art. At the same time, begin to identify your weaknesses and work with them. The practice of "revisiting" is great for picking at yourself and your emotions and finding your weaknesses. This topic was covered in the clone's preparation for Craftsman status.

Weakness is what provokes you to expend energy on worrying. For example, punctuality is a wonderful quality. But in the case that you start to feel strongly about being late - it becomes a weakness. Being punctual is good, but expending energy because you're late is stupid. After all, you're already too late and you can't get your time back, so why bother? Of course, it is unreasonable to pretend that you don't care about your tardiness in front of a boss who is annoyed by unpunctuality. Well, in this case, try to create a picture of the maximum experience, apologize, fall at your feet - you know better how to act, because you have studied the values and weaknesses of your tyrant ... Just don't overdo it, lest your game be discovered.

For example, you are a successful businessman and you go to a restaurant. "That waiter isn't nice enough to me, who the hell is he?" Once again, ego is getting ahead of the rest of the world. All because your ego thinks this person is beneath your social status. But if you knew that this man is the owner of a large restaurant chain and just decided to hold a master class with the waiters of his restaurant - you would not be outraged, but on the contrary, you would be interested to watch his actions...

For example, you absolutely have to go somewhere, but do not want to. But since you have to go anyway, it's better to do it with a good mood! Then imagine it will be an adventure, something important the universe has in store for you. Maybe an interesting acquaintance, maybe you'll accidentally meet the love of your life today, or you'll see something on the street that will lead you to an amazing business idea, etc. Drive around, take in the faces of people passing by, notice sounds, colors, pay attention to everything around you. That way you will become more conscious of living. This lifestyle will save a sea of your energy and therefore make you stronger and more inert. In turn, your energy will make the power of your intention stronger, and it will also open the door to conscious dreams (also called going to the astral).

It's never too late to start training, but it's important to do it. Remember that this is a workout, and the results will come gradually, just like the skills that come to the gymnast. You will be surprised, but the tyrants themselves will begin to disappear from your life. There would be no point in the universe creating new ones for you, because you've learned your lesson. Now you have more time for the positive part of life. And this means that you expect achievements in both the financial and personal sphere - everything is interconnected, one will pull the other. Don't be shy about dreaming and don't be modest about your dreams, feel your emotions as if it's already come true. Now the universe, guided by the energy of your intention, will take over the realization of your bright desires and dreams.

Become like the wind or flowing water - you have nothing to get caught up in. You come out a winner in any situation. You'd be surprised how the gray clouds dissolve on their own. Let there be sunshine!