Personal History:

In Jung's test, we touched on the topic of stamps. In brief, it is the imprint that the surrounding society has put on us: the upbringing of our parents, the impact of significant events, love ties, work, friends...

Very often it turns out that some of life's baggage does NOT have a positive impact on the life of its owner. For example, a person needs money, but his parents' prior stamp of approval pushes him to avoid money in every way possible. He had been taught that money was evil and that all rich people were vile and deceitful.

Or a person wants to buy a good new car, but he as bewitched can afford an upgrade in the form of buying a second-hand, old, economical car. The practice of remembering life events led him to remember… As a child, he would ask his parents for toys, and they would often answer him something like, "No, son, we're poor, we don't have money for toys, and what do you need them for? Your cousin Vanya grew up, I'll bring you his nice clothes and toys, they're in great condition, like new!"

So, the principle is clear, let's start the first practice!

People are like comets flying through time. And their long tails are the energy that people leave in the events that happen to them.

Our goal is to walk this "tail" (personal history) and regain our previously wasted energy.

In the game almost everyone has a lot of clones on the account, they occupy different positions, engaged in different activities. Often they are given names, something like "Clone1," "Clone2," "Clone3," etc. Let's give clones names similar to the names of the people in our memories. Start with the closest circle, relatives, continue with names from love ties. These are usually the most inert memories. It is enough to give a clone a nickname that easily allows you to understand who this person was in your life, or connect with the event.

Every day you will see their names and remember the stories that connect you to them. Thus memories will push you further and further into new memories, names, and events. The purpose of the practice is to dig within oneself, to find those very patterns. To get to inert events and "live" them again. You'll feel it when you remember something and can't sit still, or can't keep from laughing, or maybe tears of sadness. Congratulate yourself! You found a lump of energy left behind - now bring it back! To do this, live the scene again with all the details. Feel those experiences, dig into them. Identify your weaknesses or, conversely, strengths. Your abusers are ...; analyze what exactly hurt you then, why you reacted that way, what experience you had, why this event was in your life. After all, every person or event in life is our teacher who makes us stronger.

For the second time, live the event again the way you would like it to happen if you could turn back time. When you feel that you have stopped reacting to this event, it no longer evokes strong emotions, take a deep breath in, as if you are drawing in the energy that you used up in the event, exhale…, and breathe in again, and breathe out slowly, concentrating on bringing the energy back into yourself, You feel it as if with your spinal cord, it fills you, do this until you feel that you have returned to yourself in full, then mentally cut the imaginary energy thread that connects you to the event or the offender or the partner of the love story.

Next, remember other people you have met in life, the consciousness itself will bring you to the next inert event, trust it. It happens that when you think back and are in the history of six years ago, you will suddenly be thrown by the consciousness into the history of twenty years ago, don't resist, follow there...

Playing, you combine pleasure with use, every day you will discover something new - forgotten old. The names of people or events will be constantly before your eyes, pushing you into new memories. It will be a fascinating journey! You learn a lot about yourself.

The practice of re-experiencing is a very important practice that is described in esoteric teachings and is actively used in modern psychology. Don't deprive yourself of this unique opportunity, start with this practice game, start digging into yourself! As you develop, your clone will discover new knowledge and practices…