Military rank

You can get a military rank, having passed all the necessary training and military training, on the page "Character" → "Military ranks".

Obtaining a military rank is a serious, deliberate step. A clone in rank is a respected resident of the state who abides by certain moral principles. Under no circumstances can he take the slippery slope of robbery and robbery. And even if he had previously participated in robberies, at the time of receiving the rank he must give up his criminal past. Along with the military rank, all criminal characteristics of the clone (criminal authority, thief's luck) will be reset.

Table. Effect of Rank on Military Knowledge in Combat

TitleRatio (%)
Captain/Rotmister/Captain III rank4
Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II rank5
Colonel/Captain First Rank6
Major General / Rear Admiral7
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral8
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Navy10

When serving in the princely squadron military rank allows you to receive an increased accrual of characteristics for service. Clones without ranks get 1 military initiative per day, while clones with ranks will get characteristics.

Table. Influence of rank on the military initiative of service in the princely squadron

TitleMilitary Initiative accrual
Captain/Rotmister/Captain III rank3
Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II rank3
Colonel/Captain First Rank4
Major General / Rear Admiral5
Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral6
Field Marshal/Admiral of the Navy10

If necessary, you can give up a rank that a clone already has, if your character development strategy requires it (without refunding the cost of obtaining it). But later you can start your military career all over again, including in another corps.

Clones with warrior ranks train more effectively in megalithic structures such as the Thermae and the Great Warrior Complex.