Combat skills

This or that skill can increase the accuracy of your hit/shot or the damage inflicted on the enemy, reduce some of the enemy's stats, allow you to give yourself medical treatment or choose a more suitable target for an attack in a group fight.

Skill upgrade is available on the page - "Character" → "Education" → "Combat skills".

The percentage of change in the characteristic in the skill description is counted from the resulting value of the characteristic. Let's say that a 10% increase in the accuracy of a clone with an accuracy of 30% and a worn sniper rifle with an accuracy of 25% means a 10% increase in the resulting accuracy:

A0=30%+25%=55%A_{0} = 30\% + 25\% = 55\%

As a result, we get the final accuracy, taking into account the skill:

At=55%+0,155%=60,5%A_{t} = 55\% + 0,1 * 55\% = 60,5\%.

"Hand-to-hand combat" means fighting with cold weapons or fists.

Note that some skills work in all battles, and some - only in battles between guards and robber and in tournaments, but do not work in battles with the common enemy (attacks of princely squads and bandit troops) and in the squads of cache thieves.

Gaining Skills

To give life to a plant is only possible by planting a sprout in fertile soil, and so it is in your case... You have to be trained to absorb the information and successfully use the skills in combat. So get your military knowledge, and I'll see how much skill you can handle.

I don't trade military knowledge for skills. All that matters to me is the total amount: the more knowledge you have, the more skills you can acquire.

Example: Let's say you have accumulated 10,000 knowledge of military affairs, then any of the skills will be available to you. If you got the skill "recidivist", then the rest of the skills can get to the total amount of knowledge:

100003500=650010\thinspace000 - 3\thinspace500 = 6\thinspace500

If a skill was acquired with "temporary" martial knowledge, say, gained by wearing a magic artifact or jewelry, then after removing the magic item and reducing the clone's knowledge below the required amount, the acquired skills will be lost according to the general rules (see the chapter below under Skill Loss).

Learning skills is instant and free.

You can only learn 1 skill of each type. Some types of skills do not combine with each other - you can only get one of them.

After learning a skill, its picture is highlighted in green. If there are skills that are incompatible with one of those already learned, they will be highlighted in red, and you will not be able to learn them until you lose the incompatible skill.

You cannot gain skills during a battle that has already begun.

Losing Skills

You can lose a skill if you want and get another. You can lose a skill no sooner than 24 hours after receiving it. The loss of the skill is instantaneous, but after that for 24 hours the clone will be endowed with the skill "Distraction", that is, if he fights during this time interval, his health damage and probability to hit him will be 5% higher, the accuracy of his blows and the damage dealt to the enemy - 5% lower than the standard values.

If several skills are lost in a row, the days of "absent-mindedness" are counted from the moment the last skill is lost.

If a skill is lost, you can learn a new one if you have enough military knowledge.

Skills Description

Table. Combat Skills Conditions and Bonuses

Skill nameTerms of receiptUsed in military operationsDescriptionCompatibility with other skills
Ninja Ninja3,000 knowledge of military affairsNoYou are a born ninja, and armed only with edged weapons (provided you have no firearms), you can attack any opponent, even those using firearms. The ninja's attack is difficult to see, as it is born in white smoke, expertly made from salt ammunition, which he can always take with him no more than a dozen. Unfortunately, firearms wounds do 25% more damage to you, and the damage you do to your opponent with firearms is 20% lower. In group combat, the ninja first attacks opponents with edged weapons (no ammo is expended), and if there are none, attacks opponents with firearms (one ammo is expended for each attack)Not compatible with Thunderbolt and Karate Kid
Adrenaline Adrenaline1,500 knowledge of military affairsNoYou can't live without adrenaline, the accuracy of your hits/shots increases as your health decreases (maximum +25% at 10 health units). However, the received injuries are more difficult to bear, the damage to your health in a precise hit of the enemy will be 10% higher than the standardCompatible with all
Goon Goon500 knowledge of military affairsNoAttacks with cold weapons or fists cause your opponents crushing damage 15% higher than the base damage, but due to the slowness of your attacks, the accuracy of your attacks is reduced by 15%.Not compatible with Ninja and Karate
Karate guy Karate guy500 knowledge of military affairsNoYou are fast and accurate in hand-to-hand combat, your accuracy is 15% higher, but your damage is 15% less than usual (but not less than 1)Not compatible with Ninja and Gromila
Sheriff Sheriff3,500 knowledge of military affairsNoYou hate bandits, and the strength of the damage to your opponent is the greater the higher his criminal authority. For each 1,000 units of criminal authority the bonus will be +1% damage, for authority 15,000 and above +15% damage. If the opponent has the recidivist skill, the sheriff deals a maximum of 15% extra damage. Clones that do not have criminal authority are attacked by the sheriff, dealing 10% less damage. If you have more than 100 criminal authority units, the skill will not workNot compatible with Recidivist
Recidivist Recidivist3,500 knowledge of military affairsNoYou are an avowed thug, and the damage to peaceful citizens (without criminal authority) is greater from you. However, the damage inflicted on the "brothers of the craft" is reduced. For every 1,000 of an opponent's criminal authority damage is lower by 1%, for an authority of 15,000 or more it is lower by 15%. If there is no criminal authority, the additional damage will be +15%. If the opponent has the "sheriff" skill, the recidivist deals a maximum of 15% extra damage. In addition, the recidivist receives 1 additional tip to his current list of tips. If you do not have criminal authority, the skill will not workNot compatible with Sheriff
Kamikaze Kamikaze1,400 knowledge of military affairsNoLike a true kamikaze, you ignore the defense and give yourself completely to the attack. Damage dealt to the enemy is 10% higher, although the kamikaze itself takes 10% more damageCompatible with all
Sniper Sniper2,000 knowledge of military affairsNoYou are 10% more accurate with firearms, but your damage is 10% lower.Not compatible with Maniac
Competent sniper Competent sniper5,000 knowledge of military affairsYesThe skill only works when using a sniper rifle. First of all, a sniper shoots at the enemy with firearms, and if there are no firearms, he shoots at targets with edged weaponsNot compatible with Strategist
Maniac Maniac2,000 knowledge of military affairsNoYou're a Maniac! Your marksmanship with a firearm leaves much to be desired (10% lower), but your damage is 10% higherNot compatible with Sniper
Melee master Melee master800 knowledge of military affairsNoLike any other wizard, you are much harder to defeat in hand-to-hand combat, but you are not very good with firearms. If you are attacked with a cold weapon or fists, you take 10% less damage, but the accuracy of the blow is reduced by 5% if the wizard fires a firearmCompatible with all
First aid First aid3 200 knowledge of military science, education as a SurgeonNoYou will give yourself first aid by improving your health by 3 units at the end of each combat round (but by no more than 100 units during one combat)Not compatible with Last Chance
Thin Thin1,600 knowledge of military affairsNoYou're so thin that it's hard to even hit you, but the injuries are harder to bear. The enemy has a 20% decrease in hit accuracy, but deals 10% more damage when hitNot compatible with Zdorovyak
Husky Husky1,800 knowledge of military affairsNoYou have excellent health and wounds heal instantly, but your big body is an easy target. The enemy hits 10% more accurately, but the damage dealt to the big guy is reduced by 15%.Not compatible with Disease
Last chance Last chance2,800 knowledge of military affairs, education as a SurgeonNoIf your health falls below 10 at the end of a round of combat, you can give yourself first aid, correcting it to 10 points, and continue fighting.Not compatible with First Aid
Strategist Strategist1,900 knowledge of military affairsNoAs an experienced strategist, you choose exactly which target to destroy first. If there is a choice, the strategist strikes the most "beaten" enemy, and if several have equal health, he chooses the one with more military knowledge.Not compatible with the Intelligent Sniper
Distraction DistractionIf a clone forgets previous skillsNoYour health damage and hit probability will be 5% higher, and the accuracy of your blows and the damage dealt to your opponent will be 5% lower than the standard valuesCompatible with all
Punishment twigsPunishment twigsPunishment for the caught thiefNoEach turn in a battle reduces health by 1 pointCompatible with all
Shit spirit Shit spiritPunishment for the caught thiefNoThe whole essence of the clone is outraged at the moral injury inflicted. Attack accuracy is reduced by 10%Compatible with all
Chicken ChickenPunishment for the caught thiefNoThe damage received in a battle increased by 10%Compatible with all