Combat action as part of the druzhina

Only the armies of those principalities, in which the banner is raised, can conduct combat operations against the enemy.

Each princedom's squad can make no more than 1 attack per day. If a clone trains in the arena during a fight, it will still participate in the fight.

If a duchy raises a banner, a Webman army can strike at such a duchy on its own. In this case, it is considered that the Principality has conducted 1 attack (no more attacks today). If the Duchy has already attacked the enemy on its own during the day, an attack by a Webman army is still possible. If the protective Wall is built and in good working order, the enemy squad will use siege tactics against the principality. If the protective Wall is not built (or it is destroyed), then if the prince's army is defeated the result will be the same as if the siege was successful (capture of the principality).

Prerequisites for participating in battles

To participate in the battle the clone must have the following indicators:

  • Stamina 0 or higher.
  • Health 10 or higher.

If a clone's stamina is below 0, it does not take part in combat. Also, he does not take part in the battle if his health is below 10 units and is not automatically regenerated before the battle. The prince can set up automatic treatment of his vigilantes at his own expense.

The next day a clone will be deducted 1 stamina for each battle held the day before.

Ammunition and protection

The clone must have live ammunition (live ammunition for cannons and ships) in order to shoot firearms. Production of live ammunition and nukes is available under "Trade" → "Weaponry". Read more

Dragon riders must feed their pets enough oil to replenish their ammunition. Dragons can regenerate their ammunition before they are fed with the "Fire Charge" elixirs available in the Alchemy Tower. Read more

Protective leather clothing can reduce the clone's health damage in the next size up, while consuming its toughness. You can create protective clothing in the Settlement's or Principality's own atelier. Read more

Artillery guns, warships (including those equipped with rigging) and dragons have their basic defensive properties, which also reduce the damage taken by these categories of troops (the strength of guns and ships is also expended; dragons and their riders are invulnerable).

All weapons in combat wear out in the following way:

  • Each stab with a cold weapon reduces the strength of the weapon by 1 unit.
  • Each shot of live ammunition reduces the strength of the weapon by 10 units.
  • Each shot of the core reduces the strength of the weapon by 10 units.

Offensive battles of the Druzhina

The princely retinue can be tricked by the Webman into attacking the enemy's moults. Before the princely army realizes the hoax, it will fire one volley at the dummies.

The prince's army will be considered to have lost this battle with the dummies, so it cannot collect the spent ammunition from the battlefield according to the general rules. All combatants will receive units of Military Knowledge and Military Initiative according to the general rules.

The prince and his retinue can recognize the trick of the enemy with different chances, which depend on the level of development of the prince's Training Arena:

  • Arena not built or in need of repair: 60%
  • Level 1 Arena: 70%
  • Level 2 arena: 75%
  • Level 3 arena: 80%
  • Level 4 Arena: 85%
  • Level 5 Arena: 90%
  • Arena of any level and built Great Construction "Statue of the Warrior" V level: 100%

Siege Tactics

If the protective Wall is built and in good working order, the enemy squad will use siege tactics against the principality. A siege can last a considerable amount of time. It all depends on how quickly the enemy can destroy the fortified wall and defeat the princely squadron, or how quickly another princely squadron can defeat a given enemy army and lift the siege of the principality. During a siege the enemy army fights every 24 hours, the interval between battles is 24 hours. The armies of the besieged principality can only repel the attacks of the enemy. It cannot attack on its own.

Enemy fighters hit the vigilantes behind the Wall only 25% of the time. In other cases, the Wall takes the blow, gradually collapsing. If the Wall is hit by enemy projectiles or cannonballs, the strength of the Wall is reduced, similar to the health of a vigilante as if he had been hit.

The armies of the besieged principality are under the protection of the Wall, so even a relatively small squad has a chance to successfully repel the enemy attack. The Wall gives an extra bonus to the base accuracy of weapons used by vigilantes (except dragons), but as it is destroyed the Wall's effectiveness may decrease. When the strength reaches 8,000 or less, the Wall is considered completely destroyed and ceases to function.

Table. Characteristics of the princely wall

Wall levelBonus to basic accuracy of squad weapons (except dragons) (%)Maximum strengthThe strength at which the wall level is reduced by one

During the siege of the principality, certain rules apply:

  • A siege troop cannot attack any of the enemy's troops.
  • The vigilantes cannot resign from the vigilantes.

In the register of principalities, a special mark is placed in front of the currently besieged principality. The battle history section of the troops in the course of the siege battle displays information about the battle.

Ammunition that hits the wall is piled up in the "spoils of the wall" fund. Ammunition, caught in the princely forces, after the battle goes to the princely army in the form of trophies of war, according to the standard rules of obtaining trophies of war. Ammunition shot by the princely forces goes to the besieging enemy army for a deduction of 10%.

The siege can be stopped by the aggressor himself (the enemy retreated, ending the siege). In this case, the "spoils of the wall" fund goes to the besieged princely army according to the standard rules of receiving combat spoils.

The siege may also be lifted in the case of an attack on the besieging enemy army by a third-party princely squadron in the event of a successful outcome of the battle (victory of the squadron). In this case, the "spoils of the wall" fund also goes to the besieged princely army according to the standard rules.

A principality is considered captured if both conditions are met:

  • The wall is destroyed (strength has dropped to 8,000 or lower).
  • The besieged princely retinue is defeated (the battle is lost).

If the enemy army wins, the successful siege is completed and the enemy takes over the principality. In this case the "spoils of the wall" fund goes to the winner (the enemy army).

After capturing the principality, the enemy troops may split up into smaller combat units and continue to attack the settlements of the principality. Enemy marauders can attack the homes of residents of the principality (these options are in development).

Payment of wages and spoils of war

All combatants (both in case of victory and in case of defeat) are paid a salary in gold coins, according to the amount of the opponent's health knocked out. The cost per health unit will be assigned by command and communicated to fighters. The prince who commands the retinue receives an additional 10% of the total payment to his fighters.

Additionally, the victorious side collects from the battlefield its ammunition spent in combat in the form of gold and iron - separately, minus 25% (both from the iron and the gold component). The winner also collects from the battlefield the ammunition spent by the losing side, also minus 25%. Next, the collected iron and gold are divided among the vigilantes according to the amount of health they knocked out the enemy.

If the principality is under siege, additional rules of trophy distribution also apply.

Combat performance accrual

During combat operations as part of the prince's squad, the clone receives the following characteristics:

  • Military knowledge: for an accurate hit +6 units, for an inaccurate hit +2 units.
  • Military Initiative: for participation in combat +3 units, for victory +6 units.
  • Bonus to military knowledge: depending on the weapon used.

If the clone does not use any weapons in combat and hits with his fists, he does NOT gain Knowledge of Warfare.

Note that some combat skills will NOT work in squad battles with a common enemy.

Characteristics of the Military Knowledge Bonus

By training in the Arena of the Principality or by participating in battles as part of the princely squad, the clone earns a "Military Knowledge Bonus" characteristic for each battle he fights. This characteristic can be exchanged for Knowledge of Warfare using kvass. Each bottle of kvass drunk by a clone in the Refectory automatically exchanges 33 units of Military Knowledge Bonus for 33 units of Military Knowledge.

Table. Basic accrual of bonus to military knowledge during battles as part of the princely squad

Weapon typeBonus accrual (base value)
Fists Fistsno bonus
Knuckles Knuckles+1
Awl Awl+2
Knife Knife+3
Bayonet Bayonet+4
Saber Saber+5
Pistol Pistol+6
Fusil Fusil+7
Musket Musket+8
Carbine Carbine+9
Pistols Pistols+10
Scimitar Scimitar+11
Katana Katana+13
Double-barrel rifle Double-barrel rifle+12
Three-barrel rifle Three-barrel rifle+14
Sniper rifle Sniper rifle+15
Hand machine gun AB 0614 Hand machine gun AB 0614+15
Small cannon Small cannon+16
Regiment cannon Regiment cannon+18
Unicorn (long cannon) Unicorn+20
Brig Brig+24
Corvette Corvette+27
Battle ship Battle ship+33
Dragon rider Dragon rider+33

Example of calculating the amount of a characteristic that a clone will receive

Training fight in the arena:

The number of units of the Military Knowledge Bonus gained for each training battle depends on the level of the Training Arena:

B=VbLB = V_{b} * L

  • BB - bonus;
  • VbV_{b} - base value;
  • LL - arena level.

For example, if a clone armed with a battleship fights a level 5 arena, it will receive a level 5 training fight:

335=16533 * 5 = 165

Fighting as part of the princely squad:

In this case, for each battle the clone will receive a Military Knowledge Bonus of the following amount:

B=Vb3B = V_{b} * 3

That is, a clone armed with a battleship will get:

333=9933 * 3 = 99