Choosing a mentor

The virtual world of the game business simulator is quite voluminous, you have to understand everything. You will have mentors to help you - more experienced participants who have already achieved success in development. They can answer absolutely any questions you have! In addition to answering questions, they will always give wise counsel and suggest the right path - and then carefully and caringly guide you through it.

Only a rookie roamer (the only clone in the account) can choose his first mentor. You can choose from a list of five mentors - the participants who have achieved the best results. You can choose one mentor for yourself. Every new day the list will be updated - new mentors will be added to it, but they will be inferior to the first in their level of development.

If you want to select a specific mentor, enter their name in the search box on the "Select a Mentor" page below the list of mentors and click "set. This method will work even if your mentor is not yet on the list.

Attention! To choose a mentor, it is necessary to fill in all personal data in the settings of your account. To save data, you must enter your account password. If you registered through a social network and don't know your password, you need to log out of your account and go through the password recovery procedure on the main page of the site (under the link "forgot password"). After that, you will be able to log in to your account both through the social network and by entering your username/password.

Once you have chosen a mentor, contact him or her by game email. A rogue clone can write to his mentor without restriction (the limit of 1 letter per hour does not apply here).

If the mentor did not meet your expectations - you can abandon him and find a new one. The mentor, in turn, can also refuse the mentee. Wanderers may change mentors without restriction, but artisans and higher-status clones must find a new mentor within 15 days of abandoning their previous mentor - otherwise their ability to choose a mentor will be lost forever. You can change your mentor no more than once a day.

By communicating with a mentor, the clone gains knowledge - becomes more experienced. Before you begin your general education at the university (to upgrade your status), enter your mentor's name in the special field and you will receive a bonus.

See table for details:

  • Passing to the Craftsmen rank - 500 experience.
  • The transition to the estate of the peasantry - 500 experiences.
  • The transition to the class of the petty bourgeoisie - 500 experience.
  • The transition to the merchant class - 500 experience.
  • The transition to the Baron class is 500 intentions.
  • The transition to the Estate of Counts - 500 intentions.
  • The transition to the rank of Emperor - 1000 intentions.

If you are already a peasant, burgher, or merchant, you can only choose as a mentor a participant whose account score is at least as high as your own. Clones of the Baron and higher social class cannot change their mentor - they are considered to be sufficiently experienced and wise in the virtual clone world. If your account score or the status of your clone becomes higher than that of your mentor, you will automatically reject it.

Why would a mentor want to teach you?

As students develop, they bring points to their mentors.

Your account score from your time with this mentor is the points the mentor receives. According to the number of points scored at the end of the year, the winners of the "mentor tournament" are determined. That's why every mentor is interested in quality instruction for his students.