Service in the Vigilante

Every prince needs a strong army to defend his possessions. Clones, starting with the status of an artisan, can enter the service of the prince's retinue. You can apply in the section "Work" → "Security" → "Princely Squad".

All clones serving in the squadron are assigned daily characteristics, depending on their military rank:

  • +1 Initiative if clone does not have a rank.
  • +2 initiative units (in ranks from Lieutenant/Lieutenant to Staff-Captain/Lieutenant-Captain).
  • +3 units of initiative (in ranks from Captain/Captain III rank to Lieutenant Colonel/Captain II rank).
  • +4 units of initiative (at the rank of colonel/captain, rank I).
  • +5 initiative units (at the rank of Major General/Counter Admiral).
  • +6 initiative units (at the rank of Lieutenant General/Vice Admiral).
  • +7 Initiative (at the rank of General/Admiral).
  • +10 initiative units (at the rank of Field Marshal/Admiral of the Fleet).

Characteristics are credited if the clone has served in the squad for at least 24 hours at the time of the calculation.

If a principality has Barracks built but not repaired, and there are "extra" fighters arranged in excess of the normal limit (not taking into account the extra spaces the Barracks provide), then such fighters, chosen at random, will not receive a daily attribute bonus.

Additionally, vigilantes can train their combat characteristics in the training process at the Training Arena built by the prince.