Consumption of kvass

Kvas is a traditional Slavic and Baltic sour beverage made from fermented bread with malt or dry rye bread. Kvass can be produced in the kvass brewery of the principality or settlement. Read more

In addition to its own production, kvass can be bought at the fair. Read more

Main properties of kvass

As you consume each bottle of kvass, the clone increases one of the characteristics (your choice):

  • Knowledge of military affairs (+10 units).
  • Military Initiative (+2 units).

In addition, each bottle of kvass may (or may not) add one more unit of any special knowledge (except such knowledge as "criminal authority," "thief's luck," and "luck"). Special knowledge is chosen at random. The special knowledge gained in this way stays with the clone forever.

Kvass in the refectory can be drunk before each battle, in the amount of 1 to 3 bottles of kvass. You can set the automatic consumption of kvass. In this case the clone will drink kvass before the next fight immediately after the end of the previous one.

Additionally, kvass can be consumed during training in the prince's arena (if the clone serves in the prince's retinue). In this case, you can drink up to 5 bottles of kvass per workout, depending on the level of arena development. This option is available on the training page.

Kvass for consumption must be in the clone's purse or in storage. You can buy kvass at the Fair.

Don't forget that a clone's own military knowledge (basic knowledge) is limited.

Additional properties of kvass

A clone can drink kvass in order to convert the "Extra bonus for kvass" characteristic to "Military Knowledge".

"Extra bonus for kvass" can be earned in the following ways:

  • Training in the battle arena of the principality.
  • Participating in battles as part of the princely squadron.
  • Participating in battles as part of a bandit army.

Conversion is automatic in a 1:1 ratio (but no more than 33 units for each bottle you drink).

To do this, the clone can drink an unlimited amount of kvass - as much as necessary to fully convert its available "Bonus". The first three bottles, drunk before combat as usual, give +10 units of military knowledge or +2 units of military initiative (player's choice), convert up to 33 units. "Bonus" to military knowledge, and can also give 1 unit of any special knowledge. Subsequent bottles (drunk before the next battle) only convert "Bonus".

If a clone is registered for the Battle Tournament, he is not allowed to drink kvass indefinitely. He can drink no more than 3 bottles before each fight. You can convert the desired amount of "Bonus" into military knowledge before registering for the tournament.