Game account

The game account is where your gold and cloncoins are kept. Each account has a special game account number, which can be viewed by clicking on the number of clonecoins in the upper left corner of the screen.

It is possible to buy clonkoynes from bankers.

Clonkoynes can be exchanged for the in-game unit "gold coin" at the rate set by the users at the time of the exchange, and vice versa. The Currency Exchange was created for this purpose.

The exchange rate of a "gold coin" for a "clone" can both be determined by supply-demand between users and be set by the "Clone World Government Commissioner" clone.

Exchanging gold coins for cloncoins and vice versa

Go to the Currency Exchange and create an order (lot) to sell gold coins (or buy cloncoins). In the application, you need to specify the number of gold coins for sale and the price. Only a whole number of gold coins can be offered for sale.

Trading on the Currency Exchange takes place in accordance with the rules of the Trade Guild, read them.

After your lot is sold, your account will be credited with clonkoynes.

Depositing and withdrawing clonkoynes through bankers

To replenish your account in the game, buy the required number of clonkoys from the banker by contacting him by in-game mail (the envelope icon on the right side of the banker's name). Then buy gold coins for your cloncoins on the currency exchange at the current rate. Clonkoyne withdrawals are also available through bankers.

To sell gold coins, the performance index of all clones on the account must be 0 or higher (not negative), all properties repaired.