Thief Gang

You can assemble your own gang or join an existing one on the page "Business" → "Bandit's Way" → "Gangs".

If your criminal authority is equal to or higher than 3,000, then you are now in honor and can form your own gang. Only gangs can raid settlements. The coffers there are often higher than in the houses, so don't pass up an opportunity to profit.

Gathering the gang

A gang usually consists of several burglars. For every thousand units of criminal authority, you can accept an additional bandit into your gang. If you have 3000 authority, there can be no more than three bandits in the gang (including you, the leader). The maximum membership of the gang is 50 robbers.

If your criminal authority has fallen below 3000 units (for example, you took off a piece of jewelry), the gang is not automatically disbanded. But it will not be possible to attack settlements until authority is raised again.

Rules for joining a gang

If your criminal authority is below 500 units - pass by, you are not welcome in the gang. Learn the craft of thievery, then come back.

Hint: you can use jewelry to temporarily raise your authority level.

If you join a gang, you will strictly follow the orders of the ringleader and you can't go robbing houses alone, as usual.

You can leave the gang at any time, but you can only join another gang or go on a house robbery alone 24 hours after you leave.

You may be kicked out of the gang, and you will be notified by in-game mail.

It's up to the ringleader to decide when to go in. You don't have to be online at this point. Criminal news about the actions of your gang will also come in the form of alerts by in-game mail.

Weapons, health elixirs and salt ammunition for the attack you should have your own, this is a place for fairly trained bandits...


For tips on wealthy settlements, see the special section.

For every 1,000 criminal masterminds, you'll get one extra tip, but no more than 10.

Every hour you can get new leads if the old ones are no longer valid. Use them to make raids. Be quick to commit a robbery, or someone else might be more nimble!

You can forcibly refresh the list of leads an infinite number of times using stamina coupons. The best leads are the ones with the biggest kush.

Each settlement, regardless of type (manor, village, city, metropolis), may be attacked no more than three times a day.

Table. Criminal authority of the ringleader and the daily limit of gang attacks

Number of units Криминальный авторитет criminal mastermind of the gang leaderNumber of robberies/day
from 3 0001
from 10 0002
from 25 0003

Gang Attacks

When attacking, the leader of the gang must have 50% of the amount of the intended kusha in gold, in case of failure of the operation will have to pay off with them ...

Table. Size of gangs and guards depending on the type of settlement

Settlement levelMaximum number of guardsMaximum gang size

Bandits in the gang with less than 10 health units and did not automatically restore it before the battle, will not participate in the battle. Also do not participate in the battle bandits whose stamina is below 0.

If the ringleader has less than 10 health or negative stamina, you cannot attack.


When a settlement is attacked, a fight ensues between your gang and the squad.

Combat follows the general rules of the raid, with some peculiarities:

  • Combat participants per round attack in order of decreasing Military Initiative units, not taking into account the side (thieves or guards).
  • The shot/strike is made at a randomly selected opponent (unless there are combat skills that determine a different target selection).
  • If a clone fires several shots in a row (say, from a three-shot gun), then each of them is considered separate and is fired at a randomly chosen opponent.
  • Combat ends when one side has no contestants with a health rating of 10 or higher.
  • There are no basements in the settlements.

Distribution of criminal authority and kush

Table. Accrual of criminal authority for robbing different types of settlements

Type of SettlementTotal number of units Криминальный авторитет criminal authority on all members of the gang

Of this total, 20% of the units of authority gets the leader of the gang, and the remaining 80% is divided among all members of the gang (including the leader) in proportion to the level of criminal authority.

In the case of a successful robbery, the leader of the gang splits the score like this:

  • 10% - donates to the Old Rat Foundation
  • 20% - takes away as his share
  • 70% - divides among all members of the gang (including himself) in proportion to the level of criminal authority. In doing so, the general rule is that 10% of his share of the kush each bandit hides in his stash.''

From each piece of money you take, you must also send 10% to the Old Rat Foundation - those are the rules of the robbers. Another 10% of the kush you will always stash in your stash (the funds in it are used to pay ransom from the basement). The remaining 80% of the prize is yours (goes straight to your game account).