You can open your own bank on the page "Investor" → "Private Bank".

Bankers are nationally respected residents (clones). Usually they are emperors or princes with a high level of development who have reached the social status of "Count".

We strongly recommend that you read Jordan Belfort's book - "The Wolf Method of Wall Street", not to be confused with "The Wolf of Wall Street" (although it is also interesting). Belfort will teach you how to become a great salesman, negotiator, deal maker, entrepreneur, and public speaker. His sales system is so simple and effective that it can bring success to anyone who learns it, literally within a few days. This game is a simulator on which you have the opportunity to learn and hone skills in practice! May success be with you!

The bank in the virtual world of clones has an opportunity:

  • Clonecoin sales to the inhabitants of Clone Earth.
  • Purchases of Clonecoins from the inhabitants of Clone Earth.
  • Clonecoin transfers between inhabitants of the Clone Earth (fees may be charged at the banker's discretion).
  • Trade klonkoin between bankers on personal agreements.
  • The exchange rate policy for buying/selling clonecoins to the inhabitants of the Clone Earth is set by the first ranked bank and is mandatory for all banks of the Clone Earth.
  • The banker is encouraged to conduct a dialogue with the bank's customers using game email. In the case of complaints against your bank by customers, the correspondence will be evidence of your actions.

To open your own bank, you need a banking license.

  • A banking license is required only if you want to open and operate your own bank. If your bank has very few potential clients, then for economic reasons it will be unprofitable for you to engage in these activities, paying the cost of the license. In case you are actively mentoring, participating in an affiliate program, banking can be a very interesting and profitable direction.
  • The banking license is issued for a period of 1 month.
  • The cost of the license is 500 gold coins.
  • If you want, you can check the "renew automatically" box. This means that each month will be automatically deducted 500 gold from your game account, the license will be automatically renewed.
  • You can suspend your bank at any time convenient to you, but that does not mean that the bank license expiration date timer stops.
  • A banking license can be revoked in case of gross violations of the rules or systematic complaints from customers of the bank. The gold coins paid for the license are not refundable.