A pigsty is a very useful structure that affects many aspects of livestock production. The pigsty building is built alone for the entire game account. It can be used by any of your clone's animals. They will be in the pigsty while remaining the property of their clone master.

Pig farms on Clone Earth have varying capacities. This parameter determines how many animals can fit in there and take advantage of it. If your clones have more heads of pigs than the capacity of the pigsty - the other animals will not enter the pigsty and will eat from the feeding trough in the barn of their clone master.

Note that the pigsty needs periodic repairs. If the pigsty is broken, it ceases to function and gives no advantage. The animals cannot eat in the broken pig barn and begin to consume food from the feeding trough in the clone-owner's barnyard.

Depending on your strategy for developing livestock on your account, you can start with a small pigsty, gradually expanding it as you increase the number of animals. Or you can build a big one right away. But do not forget that the bigger the pigsty - the more benefits it gives, but also the cost of its repair will be higher.

Construction cost

The cost of building a pigsty depends on its capacity.

Table. Building a pigsty

Capacity (heads)Golden GoldStaying power Staying powerWood WoodStone StoneIron Iron
2023 00010010010

The process of building a pigsty is instant.

Repairs to the pigsty

The pig house must be repaired every 30 days of operation. Repair costs are not cumulative - that is, you may not repair the pigsty for several months, the cost of ongoing repairs will remain constant.

It is quite natural that the larger your pigsty, the more materials are spent on its repair.

Table. Repairs to the pig house

Capacity (heads)Wood WoodStone Stone

From the moment your pig house breaks down until it is repaired, the pigs are fed only from the feeder of the barnyard of the clone to which the animal belongs. You cannot mate your own animals in a broken pigsty, it does not give you a discount for processing pig manure, does not increase the weight of born piglets, and does not count towards your account score.

You don't have to personally handle your pigsty repair and remember that. You can activate the "Automatically repair in case of breakage" function on the piggyback page.

Table. Automatic repair of the pig house

Automatic repair+
Automatic purchase of a resource for repairs-
Maximum automatic purchase price-

Increasing the capacity of the pig house

The bigger your pigsty is, the more benefits it will bring to your business. However, at the very beginning of their careers, entrepreneurs do not always have the means to build a maximum level pigsty. Therefore, as a rule, begin with the construction of an entry-level pigsty. You can improve your pigsty at any time by increasing its capacity and the benefits it provides.

You can increase the capacity of the pigsty level by level.

Table. Costs of improving the pig house

Capacity (heads)Golden GoldStaying power Staying powerWood WoodStone StoneIron Iron
20 → 10081200040040040
100 → 400304500015001500150
400 → 150011016500055005500550
1500 → 400025037500012500125001250

Advantages of a pigsty

Mass livestock operations

Over time, the number of your animals may grow so that it becomes inconvenient, and long, to deal with each of them individually. A pigsty can simplify mass operations with your pigs - such as feeding them.

Until you have a pigsty built, you will be forced to distribute feed to the feed yard of each of your clones that have animals. But if you have a pigsty, all animals in the pigsty belonging to any clone of your account will only feed from the pigsty feeder. This greatly simplifies feeding and allows you to quickly control the availability of all foods in your animals' rations.

Mating your own animals

Only in a pig farm can you slaughter sows and boars belonging to one of your clones or to different clones in your account. Mating in the pigsty is free. Without a pigsty, you can only mate through the Boar Fair.

Weight gain of newborn piglets

If you have a large pig barn with additional improvements, you will be able to produce offspring of greater weight than under normal conditions. The Clone Earth Alchemical Laboratory produces magical solar plates that can be installed on the roof of your pigsty. These plates affect the animals in the pig house, due to which the weight of the litter at birth is increased.

Table. Improvement of the pig house and its effect on the litter

Capacity (heads)Weight of the litter without the magic solar platesNumber of solar plates with which to improve the pig house (pcs)Weight of the litter including the Magic Sun Plates bonus
Livestock yard (pigsty not built)((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 6%Magic solar plates not applicable-
20((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 6%Magic solar plates not applicable-
100((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 6%3((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 11%
400((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 6%5((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 14%
1500((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 6%8((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 19%
4000((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 6%13((Boar weight + sow weight) / 2) - 21%

The table shows the total number of solar plates that need to be installed on the pig house. If you have increased the capacity of the pig house, you will need to install the missing number of plates. All plates set at previous levels are taken into account. If you have increased the capacity but have not installed additional solar plates, the increase in litter weight will not work.

Pig manure processing discount

One of the important features of the pigsty is that its owner will have a discount when processing pig manure into "Pig Ambre" fertilizer. It doesn't matter if it's manure produced by your own animals or if you just bought it at the Fair. A discount is given on the price of processing manure into fertilizer in gold coins.

The greater the capacity of your pigsty, the greater the discount you get.

Table. Manure processing discount

Capacity (heads)Discount on manure processing price (%)
Livestock yard (pigsty not built)0