Ownership of pigs

Number of pigs and social status of the clone-owner

Clones can keep pigs from the social status "Farmer" and higher, and the maximum number of animals in the ownership of a clone directly depends on its status. The higher the social status of a clone, the more livestock your clone can keep and the more profit it will make from this activity.

Table. Social status of the clone and number of pigs

Social status of a cloneMaximum number of pigs
Tramp TrampCan't do livestock farming
Craftsman CraftsmanCan't do livestock farming
Peasant Peasant3
Philistine Philistine10
Merchant Merchant40
Baron Baron150
Count Count400
Emperor Emperor500

Beginning with the status of "Philistine," clones can work as coaches at the Boar Stadium. Trainers are in the business of training boar athletes by selling training hours. The number of training sessions per day is determined by the number of pigs weighing 100 kg or more belonging to such a trainer clone.

Transfer of pigs from one clone to another

For the convenience of managing your animals implemented the ability to transfer livestock between clones in the account. To transfer, click on the name of the clone-owner of the animal in the animal list. The receiving clone must meet the necessary requirements (in terms of status and number of animals placed). The transfer of sows and boars is free.

Information for owners of the "pair of pigs" of the old type

Animals of the old type are no longer bred on Clone Earth, but they may have survived for some players. If your clone owns a "pair of pigs" of the old type, it does not prevent him from buying a sow or boar of the new type.

If you want, you can always transform the "pair of pigs" of the old type into an animal of the new type. As a result of the transformation you will get one sow of 170 days old and weighing 120 kg. If, in the past, magic elixirs "Farrowing Potion" were applied to a "pair of pigs" of the old type, then each elixir used will give another +3 kg to the weight of the sow of the new type.