Unique peacocks

Peacock breeding

Peacocks are unique birds, notable for the fact that, in addition to normal eggs, they can lay precious - silver and gold eggs, as well as black pearls. They can be grazed in the fields to increase yields. Read more about peacocks in this section.

Features of peacock breeds

There are 6 breeds of peacocks in the clone world that differ from each other. Read more

Peacock building

Before getting peacocks, it is necessary to build special roosts or a bird yard to keep them. Read more

Buying peacocks

You can buy peacocks either from other players at the Peacock Fair or from the state at the State Farm Nursery. Read more

Peacock products

Keeping peacocks in their account, players receive various products from their life. Read more

Peacock pasturing

Peacocks can be herded into agricultural fields, increasing the yield of the fields. Read more

Elixirs for peacocks

With elixirs you can turn a peacock of one breed into another. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Read more