Required buildings

The appropriate buildings for keeping peacocks are required: roosts or a bird yard. In their absence, the clone will not be able to acquire a peacock. These buildings belong only to the clone who built them. They cannot be transferred or sold. The buildings do not need periodic repairs.


Perches are individual buildings for peacocks. Only one peacock can sit on one roost. Consequently, you will need to build as many roosts as you plan to keep at a given clone at one time.

The cost of building a perch: 10 wood and stone and 1 iron.

Bird yard

Instead of multiple perches, you can build a single bird yard. There is enough room in this building for any number of peacocks, no matter how many your clone has. In other words, a bird's yard is a roost of unlimited capacity.

The cost of building a bird's yard: 100 wood and stone and 10 iron.

If you have built roosts and then decide to build a bird yard, the roosts of the clone will disappear and only the bird yard will remain, which all peacocks will go to.

Repair of buildings

These buildings do not need periodic repairs.