Elixirs for the Dragon

Several elixirs can be made in the Alchemy Laboratory, which can prove valuable in keeping dragons and using them in tournament battles. You can set the automatic consumption of elixirs in the Refectory on the tab "Restore dragon characteristics". Read more

Health potion for a dragon

One such elixir is capable of fully (up to 100%) restoring a dragon's health lost in battle.

You can create the elixir in the Alchemy Laboratory, in crates that contain 100 bottles of the elixir. Read more

Table. Cost of Creating a Dragon Health Elixir Box

Golden Gold2
Root of youth Root of youth4
Pork Pork10
Beef Beef10
Chicken meat Chicken meat10

Fire Charge Elixir

One such elixir restores a dragon's fire charge by 1. The initial amount of dragon fire available in combat is equal to the number of liters of oil drunk at the last feeding, divided by 50. The elixir will restore this available amount after combat, but no more than the initial amount of charges. For example, if a dragon's ration allows him to have 5 charges in battle (the dragon drank 250 liters of oil), then with the appropriate amount of elixirs you can replenish the fire charge of the dragon to 5 each time.

This elixir is created in boxes that contain 25 bottles.

Table. Cost of creating a box of elixirs "Fire charge" for a dragon

Strength elixir Strength elixir1
Oil Oil430