The Dragon's Life


Thanks to a miraculous find - an amber stone with a frozen drop of blood of an ancient dragon inside, as well as the development of genetic engineering, it became possible to revive the ancient flying lizards. Now every prince or castle owner can build amber or ordinary caves and have a Dragon. If you can't breed your own dragons yet, you can buy a pet at the State Farm Dragon Fair, where other players sell them. Read more

A clone must have an Intent score of at least 500 to wield a dragon.

The Clone lands are vast, with many empires and principalities. Dragons bred on Clone Earth know how to find gold. They bring gold to their cave. In the caves organized gold harvesting and its transfer to the game account in the form of gold coins. The bigger the dragon grows, the farther it can fly and the more gold it can find overnight.

If necessary, a clone can give his pets to another clone from the same account, provided that the new owner meets the necessary requirements (status, number of animals, and so on). To transfer, click on the name of the clone-owner of the animal in the animal list. Transmission is free.

Attention. Owning dragons is a great responsibility for the owner. Before getting a dragon, consult with other dragon owners about feeding and keeping them. Remember - having a dragon is easy, but getting rid of it is not at all. Think ahead about how to provide him with feed, because the prices on the exchange can fluctuate greatly, and feeding purchased products can bring losses!

Read more about the life of dragons in this section.

Gold Mining

The main value of dragons is that they bring gold coins to their owner in the cave. Read more

Dragon Characteristics

Dragons have 4 characteristics that affect different aspects of his life. Read more

Feeding the Dragon

Dragons feed exclusively on meat and oil, and, depending on their age, consume different amounts of these products. Read more

Reproduced at

The dragon can be reproduced either in the center of genetic engineering or in the amber cave of the principality. Read more

Dragon rider

An experienced rider with a special skill can ride a dragon and participate in battles or tournaments on it. Read more

Elixirs for the Dragon

Dragons participating in combat tournaments or battles can consume special elixirs. Read more

Artifacts for the dragon

Ancient reptiles even have special artifacts that make them even more powerful! Read more

Death of a Dragon

After its death, the dragon does not disappear without a trace, but leaves behind valuable resources. Read more