Artifacts for the dragon

The owner can make an artifact for the dragon in the Alchemy Laboratory. The artifact has an initial strength of 365 days. Once an artifact is placed on a dragon, it cannot be removed and transferred to another dragon. An artifact with unspent durability will return to the clone owner's inventory only if the dragon who wore it dies. After that, the artifact can be put on another dragon.

The cost of making an artifact: Elveron Stone - 5000 units. You can create it in the Alchemy Laboratory. Read more

You can put an artifact only on a dragon weighing at least 500 kg. To do this, click the corresponding icon on the image of the animal. Each dragon can wear only one artifact at a time. In order to put an artifact on, you need to put it in the inventory of the owner of the dragon.

If a dragon wears an artifact, its "sense" value is increased by +10 units. Also dragon wearing an artifact can guard the treasury of the castle from the attacks of robbers. No robber can take possession of the treasury. To do this, the dragon must be fed plenty of food - at least 50% of the norm. If the dragon gets less food, it is busy thinking about food, sits in its cave and does not react to the appearance of robbers. A dragon can only guard the castle in whose cave it resides.

Warning. Once you have put the amulet on a dragon, it is permanently attached to this reptile and cannot be removed!