Chickens in a Clone World

Hen yard

Chickens are extremely useful poultry that will help you supply your account with eggs, chickens, fertilizer and State Farm coupons. Read about the chicken farm in detail in this section.

Owning a chicken farm

A clone of the social status of farmer and above can become the owner of a chicken farm if he has real estate. Read more

The life of a chicken farm

After building a chicken farm, you can buy chickens in it, feed them, get products and observe the rest of the processes on the farm. Read more

Chicken farm products

Thanks to the chicken farm you can get several types of products - chicken, eggs, manure and state farm coupons. Read more

Reproduced at

If you need to increase the number of chickens on the farm, you can use the reproduction mode. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Read more