Buying cattle

You can buy cattle in the Clone World at a fair or in a nursery. Cows and bulls can be purchased by a clone of "Farmer" status or higher.

Buying animals from the State Farm Nursery

Nursery is located on the page "Trade" → "State Farm" → "Nursery".

The State Farm Nursery sells cows and bulls of standard characteristics:

  • Age 61 days;
  • Weight 350 kg (cow) or 440 kg (bull).

If there are no cattle in the kennel to buy, you should go to the Cattle Fair.

Buying animals at the Cattle Fair

If you would like to purchase on animals at fair, go to "Trade" page → "State Farm" → "Cattle Fair".

Here you can get access to the best specimens that breeders have been working on for a long time. Conversely, you can start with cheap copies.

You can see a lot of data about the animal when you buy it:

  • Owner.
  • Price.
  • Animal age.
  • Weight.
  • Changes in weight over the last 24 hours.
  • Willingness to mate.
  • Number of mating sessions performed.
  • Feeding in the last 24 hours.
  • Products of the last 24 hours

When you have calves, you can put them up for sale at the Cattle Fair.

Transfer of cows and bulls from one clone to another

You can transfer livestock between your clones for ease of animal management. To transfer, click on the name of the clone-owner of the animal in the animal list. Remember that the receiving clone must have the status of a peasant or higher!