Cattle breeding


Cattle (cows and bulls) - can provide you with beef, milk, fertilizer, hides and State Farm coupons.

For the convenience of animal management, the ability to transfer livestock from one of your clones to another is implemented. To transfer, click on the name of the clone-owner of the animal in the animal list.

How to get started? It's easy to get started: buy a cow or steer (or both). Feed them, get produce and offspring. Read in detail in this section.

Buying animals

Buying animals

You can buy your first cow or bull at a state farm cattery or at an animal fair. Read more

Ownership of livestock

Ownership of livestock

A clone of the social status of peasant and above can have a cow or bull. Read more

Feeding regimen

Depending on the sex and age of the cattle, their diet varies. Read more

Types of products

By raising cattle you can get meat, milk, hides and manure. Read more


If you have decided to work closely with cattle, the best solution would be to build a barn, because it gives the owner many advantages and conveniences. Read more

Increasing the population

Increasing the population

If you want to build up your cattle herd, you don't have to buy animals at the fair. You can mate your own cattle and then raise newborn calves. Read more

Selling and mating

On a state farm, you can sell your animals or rent out breeding bulls to mate to other players. Read more


Superfeed has a positive effect on the weight gain of your bulls and also increases milk yields. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions. Read more