Peacocks grazing in the fields

This method of additional fertilization of land is suitable for those farmers who keep peacocks.

Buying peacocks

You can purchase peacocks either from players in the "State Farm"-"Peacocks" section or in the "Nursery" of the "State Farm."

The peacock of each breed has a certain nominal value. Read more.

Table. Nominal value of peacocks on the State Farm

Peacock ViewGolden Cost (gold)
The Ordinary Peacock The Ordinary Peacock1
The Red Peacock The Red Peacock3
The Royal Peacock The Royal Peacock7

Nominal value is an important factor, since you can send one or more different breeds to each plot at the same time, but so that their total value does not exceed 7 gold coins. The total value of grazing peacocks will determine - how much the plot will be fertilized and, ultimately, the increase in yield in the current farming season.

Grazing requirements

You can graze your peacocks on any of your land that meets the following requirements:

  • A clone is assigned to work at the site.
  • Seed has not yet been started on the plot.
  • The site has not yet been grazed by peacocks in the current farming season.

Peacocks graze in the fields for 2 days (48 hours). During this time, they provide an increase in yield on a given plot of land up to 10% as a result of natural fertilization of the land. And the grazing of peacocks does not interfere at all with the use of conventional fertilizers on this piece of land. Only not at the same time, but sequentially. Peacocks can be released to graze on the property before or after, but not at the same time as the hand-application process.

When both fertilization methods are used together, the effect of their application is summed up.

Unlike the manual fertilization process, peacocks can be released to the same area every farming season. The effect of grazing only lasts for the current season.

The duration of the grazing phase cannot be reduced by hiring servants.

Examples of combining breeds when grazing

It was already mentioned above that you can release peacocks with a total nominal value of no more than 7 gold pieces per field.

Let's look at examples of combining peacocks of different breeds.

Table. Combination of peacock breeds at grazing

The total value of peacocks on grazing Золотой (gold)Possible peacock breed combinationsThe effect of grazing (relative to the maximum 10%)Example (regarding Амарант amaranth with an initial yield of 12 pcs)Example (relatively Амарант) of an amaranth with an initial yield of 36pc, after hand fertilization
1Common Peacock (1pc)(1/7)12,1736,51
2The common peacock (2 pcs.)(2/7)12,3437,02
3The common peacock (3 pieces) or the red peacock (1 piece)(3/7)12,5137,54
4Common Peacock (4 pieces) or Red Peacock (1 piece)+Common Peacock (1 piece)(4/7)12,6838,05
5Common Peacock (5 pieces) or Red Peacock (1 piece)+Common Peacock (2 pieces)(5/7)12,8538,57
6Red Peacock (6 pieces) or Red Peacock (2 pieces) or Red Peacock (1 piece)+Common Peacock (3 pieces)(6/7)13,0239,08
7Peacock (7pc) or Red Peacock (2pc)+Red Peacock (1pc) or Red Peacock (1pc)+Common Peacock (4pc) or Royal Peacock (1pc)(7/7)13,239,60

Attention! Grazing is done only once per plot. If you have already sent peacocks even in an incomplete set (worth less than 7 gold) to a field in the current season, no additional grazing can be done on that plot in the same season. The new grazing will not be available until next season.

For convenience, there are two modes of distributing your peacocks across the fields: Maximum and Uniform. Let's say you want to start grazing on 7 plots of land and have 7 common peacocks. "Maximum" mode will place all your regular peacocks on one field, while "Even" mode will distribute 1 peacock to each of the selected fields.

When peacocks graze on your land plots, there is a possibility of one of them being kidnapped by a dragon.

It may happen that the peacock dies while grazing (from old age). If this happens, the effect of his grazing will still be fully accounted for (just as in the case of dragon abduction).