Help of servants to work the land

Hiring servants

You can hire servants to speed up field work on your cultivated lands - clones in "vagrant" status.

At what stages you can hire a maid

A servant assists the clone working in the field in the following stages of the agricultural cycle:

  • Fertilizing (only applying specially made fertilizers).
  • Seed sowing.
  • Harvesting.

Each hired servant is assigned to one plot of land that is in the fertilizing, sowing or harvesting stages (if available in that house). In this case, each servant by 10% speeds up the execution of work in this area. If the homeowner has hired more servants than there are fields in the indicated stages of cultivation at a given time, more than one servant may be assigned to one plot. In this case, the processing speed of the area increases accordingly. The maximum number of servants that can be hired at one time is equal to the development level of the house.

Please note that the servants exactly increase the processing speed by 10%, not reduce the processing time by 10%. The processing time is, of course, also reduced and is calculated according to the following formula:

T = Tb / (1 + 0.1*n),


  • Tb - base time (time needed to perform the process without help of servants).
  • n - the number of servants (permanently working on the field for which the calculation is performed).
  • T is the final processing time.

This formula allows you to calculate the time required for fertilizing, sowing and harvesting, assuming that the servants work in the field continuously, from the beginning to the end of the process, and that their number does not change.

Acceleration of agricultural stages

The time for these processes is calculated below as an example, assuming that one servant works at the site all the time:

Type of work in the fieldsDuration of work without help of servants (hours)Duration of work with the constant help of 1 servant (hours)
Fertilization process120109,1
Seeding process4843,6