Field processing


Your clone must achieve Farmer status or higher in order to be fully farmed. Artisans cannot cultivate fields. Vagrants are only able to grow flowers in the area near their dugout. Crop cultivation is inaccessible to them.

Amount of land and social status of the clone

On Clone Earth, social status is a key indicator of the extent to which a clone can engage in a particular activity. This also applies to farming. The higher the social status of a clone, the more land your clone can cultivate at one time.

Table. Status of the clone and the number of fields to be processed.

Social status of a cloneMaximum number of land plots
Tramp TrampCan't farm (but can grow flowers)
Craftsman CraftsmanCan't do farming
Peasant Peasant1
Philistine Philistine5
Merchant Merchant20
Baron Baron60
Count Count240
Emperor Emperor270

Soil treatment

So you have land. In order to start tilling a field and grow a crop, you must first assign a clone to any piece of land available for tilling. You can decide which of your clones will work a particular plot of land (manual clone assignment mode), or you can use the automatic clone assignment system to assign clones to your vacant plots. In automatic mode, all free clones are distributed in decreasing order of their social status to all free fields.

The crop cycle (season) is the totality of all the stages of the field, from the fertilization stage (or from the seed stage if you choose not to fertilize the field) to the "fallow" stage. In the course of a single crop cycle, a clone working in a field receives one crop and is then automatically released from work in that field. After that, the field goes into a "black steam" state (rests before the next cycle begins).

You can find the assignment and release history of all your clones in the "Business → Farming → Operation History" tab.

A clone assigned to work a plot is not required to own a home or live in the home where the plot he or she is working is located. The house can belong to any clone in your account. To be assigned to a field (either manually or automatically), a clone must have the social status of "Peasant" or higher.

Work in the field can be combined with any other occupation, including work in public or private enterprises, except work in the gold mines in the settlements.

A clone assigned to work any area will expend 1 unit of stamina per day during the fertilization, seeding, and harvesting stages (for each day of work, even if incomplete). If on any given day your clone completes work on an area and is assigned to work another piece of land, your clone will spend 2 stamina points on that day, one for each field worked. Stamina units for field work are expended on the day following the day of work in the calculation period. If a clone does not have enough stamina, and the refectory does not have the necessary supply to replenish it, the stamina will still be spent, and the clone's stamina will become negative. Remember that in this case the clone will not be able to cope with his duties in other jobs, will be reprimanded and may be fired.

Table. Duration, purpose and conditions of farming phases

Parameters / StageFertilizerSeedingHarvesting
DestinationIncreasing yieldsSelection of future productsGetting the finished product
Duration5 days (120 hours)2 days (48 hours)3 days (72 hours)
Terms and conditionsFertilizer availabilitySeed availabilityTax payment

Warning. Hungry clones cannot cultivate fields. If the user account has at least one clone with negative stamina, an unrepaired settlement, an unrepaired house, an unrepaired Miracle, an unrepaired Principality or an unrepaired Great Building, it will also be impossible to assign clones to work the agricultural fields. In this case, the already processed fields will successfully complete their processing cycle.

Warning. It is not possible to direct a clone to treat fields that are adjacent to a broken house. To successfully treat the fields, the house must be repaired.

Warning! If you manually release a clone from work on a field that is already at any stage of cultivation (from fertilizing to harvesting), this will cause this area to go into "black steam" state, and all resources already used in agricultural work on this area (fertilizer, seeds, agricultural tax) and future crops will be irrevocably lost. In this case, it will be considered that the next agricultural cycle in this field has not begun.

When the harvest ends, your clones will be released from work on their plots automatically and you will need to reassign them to vacant plots (manually or automatically) ready for the next farming season (cycle).

Options for managing land plots

As your account progresses, the amount of land available to your clones will only increase. You will have to manage more and more plots of land. We tried to make managing your plots convenient at any level of development, regardless of their number.

Under "Business → Farming → Your Fields" there are two sets of land management elements: comprehensive (all plots) and individual (plots of a particular house).